Who Profits From Climate Change

Who Profits From Climate Change?

Climate change has been one of the most pressing and controversial issues of the 21st century. As the global temperatures continue to rise, the effects of climate change become more visible and apparent. The debate over who is to blame for climate change and who should bear the burden of its costs has been ongoing. But what about those who are profiting from climate change?

Big Oil

The first group that comes to mind is the oil industry. Oil companies stand to gain from the increased demand for their products as the global economy continues to grow. This increased demand for oil will result in higher prices and more profits for oil companies. Additionally, these companies are investing heavily in renewable energy technology, further increasing their profits.


Another industry that stands to benefit from climate change is agribusiness. Warmer temperatures and more extreme weather patterns have made farming more difficult, but have also created opportunities for agribusinesses to increase their profits. For example, warmer temperatures have allowed some crops to be grown in areas they previously could not, creating more potential for agribusinesses to expand their business.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are also profiting from climate change. As extreme weather events become more frequent and severe, insurance companies are able to charge more for their policies. This increased demand for insurance policies leads to higher profits for insurance companies.

Tourism Industry

One industry that is often overlooked when discussing who profits from climate change is the tourism industry. Warmer temperatures have made it easier for people to travel to different parts of the world, leading to an increase in tourism. This increased demand for travel has resulted in higher profits for the tourism industry.


Climate change is a real issue that is affecting the entire planet, and it’s important to be aware of who is profiting from it. While most of the burden of climate change is being shouldered by individuals and communities, there are certain industries that are benefiting from the effects of climate change. It is important to recognize these industries and hold them accountable for their role in contributing to climate change.