Which Of The Following Does Not Control Climate

Which Of The Following Does Not Control Climate?

Climate is the long-term average of weather patterns in a given region. It is determined by a number of factors, including the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, landforms, and even human activity. There are many elements that contribute to the climate of a region, but not all of them have the same level of influence. In this article, we will explore which of the following does not control climate.

Solar Radiation

Solar radiation is the main source of energy that drives the Earth’s climate system. The Sun’s radiation warms the Earth’s surface, which in turn causes air to rise, creating clouds and precipitation. Solar radiation also affects the amount of energy available for plants to use in photosynthesis.

Earth’s Orbit

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun is an important factor in the climate of a region. When the Earth is closer to the Sun, it receives more solar radiation, leading to warmer temperatures. When the Earth is further away from the Sun, it receives less solar radiation, resulting in cooler temperatures.

Ocean Currents

Ocean currents can affect climate by transporting heat and moisture around the world. Warm ocean currents can bring warmer temperatures and more rainfall to a region, while colder ocean currents can bring cooler temperatures and less rainfall.

Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric circulation is the movement of air around the planet. It is driven by the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface, which causes air to rise in some areas and sink in others. This creates patterns of winds and air pressure, which can influence a region’s climate.

Human Activity

Human activity has become a major factor in the climate of a region. Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, which trap heat in the atmosphere. This can lead to an increase in global temperatures and changes in weather patterns.


The elements listed above are all important factors in the climate of a region, but the one that does not control climate is human activity. While human activity can affect the climate, it is not the primary cause of climate change. The other elements listed above are all natural processes that have been influencing the Earth’s climate for millions of years.