Where My Climate Doubts Began To Melt

Where My Climate Doubts Began To Melt

When I was in college, I was a skeptic about climate change. I thought it was all a hoax and the science was manipulated. I was convinced that the data was skewed and the world was not really changing. However, that all changed when I went on a field trip to the Arctic.

The Reality of Climate Change in the Arctic

The Arctic was a stark reminder of the reality of climate change. I saw firsthand the effects that rising temperatures and melting glaciers had on the environment. It was clear that the ecosystem was struggling to adapt to the drastic changes.

I also learned about how the indigenous people of the Arctic were being impacted by the changing climate. The melting ice was making it harder for them to hunt and fish, which was the main source of sustenance for their communities. This made me realize that this was not just an abstract concept, but something that was impacting real people in a very real way.

A Shift in My Thinking

This trip shifted my thinking about climate change. I began to understand that it was not some made-up thing, but a real phenomenon that was happening right now and would continue to get worse if we did not take action.

I started researching the science behind climate change and the impacts it was having on the planet. I realized that the data was not manipulated and that the world was indeed changing in a very real way.

Taking Action

I started taking action to reduce my own carbon footprint. I changed my diet to be more plant-based, I started using renewable energy sources, and I began to educate others about the reality of climate change.

I also joined a local environmental group and started volunteering to help raise awareness about the issue. I even organized a march in my city to show people that we have to act now to protect our planet.


My trip to the Arctic greatly impacted my views on climate change. I went from being a skeptic to being an advocate for action. I know now that this is not something we can ignore any longer and that we have to take steps to mitigate the effects of climate change. We have to act now, before it’s too late.