What Is The Climate Like Where Alaska Natives Live

What Is The Climate Like Where Alaska Natives Live?

Alaska is home to many different types of climates, all of which can affect the lives of Alaska Natives. Alaska Natives live in many different parts of the state, from the Arctic Circle to the Aleutian Islands. Depending on where they live, the climate can vary greatly.

Climate of the Arctic Circle

The climate of the Arctic Circle is extremely cold and dry. This region is mainly tundra, where temperatures can reach extreme lows in the winter months. During the summer, temperatures are relatively mild, but they are still cold enough to cause frost in the night. This climate is extremely challenging for the Alaska Natives that live in this region, as they must be well-prepared for the cold weather and must have the proper clothing, shelter, and food.

Climate of the Aleutian Islands

The climate of the Aleutian Islands is much milder than that of the Arctic Circle. This region is characterized by mild summers and cool winters. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing, and the island chain is often blanketed in fog and mist. This climate makes it easier for the Alaska Natives that live here to find the resources they need to survive, as the mild temperatures make it easier to hunt and fish.

Climate of the Interior

The climate of the interior of Alaska is much different than that of the Arctic Circle or the Aleutian Islands. This region has cold winters and mild summers, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing. This climate is much more hospitable to the Alaska Natives that live here, as they can easily access the resources they need for survival.


The climate of Alaska can vary greatly, depending on where the Alaska Natives live. Those living in the Arctic Circle must endure extreme cold temperatures, while those living in the Aleutian Islands and the interior of Alaska have milder climates. However, no matter where they live, Alaska Natives must be well-prepared for the climate in order to survive.