What Is The Climate Like In Santa Fe Panama

What is the Climate Like in Santa Fe Panama?

Santa Fe, Panama is a small town located in the western part of the country, and is known for its amazing weather and lush greenery. The climate in Santa Fe is tropical, with warm temperatures all year round. The wet season in Santa Fe runs from May to December, with most rain falling during the months of July and August. The dry season runs from January to April.


The average temperature in Santa Fe is around 27°C (80°F) during the day and around 18°C (64°F) during the night. The temperature does not drop much during the winter months, however, it can get quite cool in the early mornings and evenings.


Santa Fe experiences an average annual rainfall of around 1,800mm (71 inches). The majority of the rain falls during the wet season, with the months of July and August receiving the highest amounts. During the dry season, Santa Fe receives around 60mm (2.3 inches) of rain per month.


Santa Fe has a very consistent wind pattern, with the wind blowing from the east and southeast most of the year. The winds are usually quite light and gentle, but can become gusty during the wet season.


Santa Fe experiences a humid climate, with the humidity levels reaching up to 80% during the wet season and around 50% during the dry season.


Santa Fe, Panama has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high levels of humidity. The wet season runs from May to December, while the dry season is from January to April. During the wet season, Santa Fe receives an average of 1,800mm (71 inches) of rain, while during the dry season it only receives around 60mm (2.3 inches). The winds are usually gentle and consistent, blowing from the east and southeast.