What Climate Can Turkeys Be Raised In?

What Climate Can Turkeys Be Raised In?

Turkeys are a popular bird to raise, and they are relatively easy to care for. However, they do have certain needs that must be met in order for them to thrive. One of the most important considerations is the climate in which they are being raised. Different turkey breeds are suited for different climates, and understanding which breed is best for your area is crucial.

What Are The Different Turkey Breeds?

There are many different breeds of turkeys, and each is adapted to a certain type of climate. Broad-breasted turkeys are best suited for warm climates, while the smaller heritage breeds are better for cooler climates. Other breeds, such as Bourbon Reds and Blue Slates, are more adaptable and can thrive in a wider range of climates.

What Climate Is Best For Raising Turkeys?

The best climate for raising turkeys depends on the breed you choose. Generally, broad-breasted turkeys require warmer climates, while heritage breeds prefer cooler climates. However, some breeds, such as Bourbon Reds and Blue Slates, can thrive in a range of climates.

Do Turkeys Need Shade?

Yes, turkeys need access to shade in order to stay cool. Shade can come from trees, bushes, or other structures. Turkeys also need access to fresh, clean water and plenty of space to roam.


Turkeys are an interesting and relatively easy to care for bird. Knowing which breed is best suited for your climate is key to raising healthy turkeys. In addition, turkeys need access to shade, fresh water, and plenty of space. With the right care, you can enjoy raising healthy and happy turkeys.