Is Public Storage Climate Controlled

Is Public Storage Climate Controlled?

Public storage is one of the most popular storage solutions available today. With the ability to store a variety of items, from furniture to documents, it is a great choice for those looking for a secure and convenient way to store their belongings. But one of the biggest questions people have when it comes to public storage is whether or not the units are climate controlled.

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage is a type of storage facility that is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level inside the unit. This is important for protecting items stored in the unit from heat, cold, moisture, and other environmental factors.

Do Public Storage Facilities Offer Climate-Controlled Storage?

Yes, many public storage facilities do offer climate-controlled storage. The availability of climate-controlled storage units varies from facility to facility, so you should contact your local public storage facility to inquire about availability. In addition to temperature and humidity control, some public storage facilities also offer additional features such as fire and water protection, security monitoring, and more.

What Items Should Be Stored in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Items that should be stored in climate-controlled storage units include electronics, documents, books, furniture, musical instruments, antiques, artwork, and other items that are sensitive to the environment. These items may be damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture, so it is important to store them in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment.

What Are the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage?

The primary benefit of climate-controlled storage is that it helps to protect items stored in the unit from environmental damage. This can help to preserve the value and condition of items stored in the unit, making them easier to sell or donate in the future. Additionally, climate-controlled storage units are often more secure than non-climate-controlled units, as they are often located indoors.


Public storage can be a great solution for those looking for a secure and convenient way to store their belongings. Many public storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units, which can help to protect sensitive items from environmental damage. If you have items that you need to store, be sure to inquire about climate-controlled storage options at your local public storage facility.