Is Clean Coal Real And Available Energy Source Quizlet?


Clean coal is a term used to describe technologies that reduce the environmental impact of burning coal for energy. These technologies aim to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reduce other harmful pollutants. However, the question remains – is clean coal a real and available energy source?

What is Clean Coal?

Clean coal technologies typically involve capturing and storing carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing other pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Some common methods include carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as using more efficient coal-burning processes.

Is Clean Coal Real?

While clean coal technologies do exist, they are not yet widely implemented on a large scale. Many experts argue that the term “clean coal” is misleading, as coal will never be completely clean due to its inherent environmental impacts. Additionally, the cost of implementing these technologies can be prohibitively high.

Availability of Clean Coal

Currently, clean coal technologies are not widely available or economically feasible. The majority of coal-fired power plants still operate without carbon capture and storage technology. However, some countries are investing in research and development to make clean coal more viable in the future.

Quizlet: Test Your Knowledge

Now that you’ve learned more about clean coal, test your knowledge with this quizlet:

  1. What is clean coal?
  2. Are clean coal technologies widely implemented?
  3. What are some common methods of clean coal technology?
  4. Is coal considered a completely clean energy source?


While clean coal technologies hold promise for reducing the environmental impact of burning coal for energy, they are not yet widely implemented or economically feasible. The future of clean coal remains uncertain, but continued research and development may make it a more viable energy source in the years to come.