Images from TTCC 2016

Delegates and Educators from many nations gathered for the inaugural Tribal Climate Camp (TTCC). This week long training provided team members with tools to develop and hone climate adaptation plans.

Team Collaborations

  • Keith Hatch (Siletz elder), TTCC educator and BIA Fisheries Biologist sits with Marcie Carter (Nez Perce) and Josiah Pinkham (Nez Perce), both delegates from the Nez Perce Tribe. Meadow Wheaton (Nez Perce), Wisdom of the Elders film production Intern and Rachel Novak (Diné), BIA Climate Science Coordinator, also participate in the discussion. (l-r)
  • TTCC educators (l-r): Jerry Pardilla (Penobscot) USET Director, Office of Envi Res Mgmt (OERM); Preston Hardison, Treaty Rights Office staff for Tulalip Tribes; Ann Marie Chischilly (Diné), Exec Dir of Inst for Environ. Professionals (ITEP); April Taylor (Chickasaw), Sustainability Scientist with Chickasaw Nation; Gary Morishima, Tech Advisor for Nat Res Mgmt to the President of the Quinault Indian; and (standing) Kyle Powys Whyte (Potawatomi), TTCC Program & Design Committee Chair and Timnick Chair in Humanities, Michigan State Univ.
  • Ann Marie Chischilly (Diné), TTCC educator and Executive Director of Institute for Environmental Professionals (ITEP) sits with Amelia Marchand (Colville) and Mary Davidson (Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Okanagan Band), both delegates from the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation as they work through an exercise. (l-r)
  • Antone Moody (Warm Springs) and Taiontorake "Max" Oakes (Warm Springs), delegates from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation discuss a question prompt, while Larry Campbell, educator with Wisdom of the Elders, observes. (l-r)
  • John Mahoney (Coeur d'Alene), delegate from the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Indians and Kathie Dello, TTCC educator and Associate Director with the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute smiles as Tanya Eison (Quinault), delegate from the Quinault Indian Nation, contributes to the conversation. Chris Caldwell (Menominee), TTCC educator and Director of the College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute, is also pictured. (l-r)
  • Maggie Dana (Passamaquoddy), delegate from the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point works at her computer, while April Taylor, Sustainability Scientist, Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, SC CSC, Lee Bourgeau (Nez Perce), William Longfellow (Passamaquoddy) and Paige Sprague (Passamaquoddy), both delegates from the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant point, discuss their Tribe's climate adaptation plans. (l-r)
  • TTCC educators, delegates and staff gather for a group photo, after the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Indians delegates' (center) presentation about their Tribe's climate adaptation plans.

Nez Perce Tribe Hosted TTCC

Nez Perce Tribe hosted The Tribal Climate Camp. Among the generous offerings from the Tribe, was a traditional foods meal during our site visit to their fishing grounds along the Rapid River.

  • Del Rae Kipp (Nez Perce), Lee Bourgeau (Nez Perce) and Laurie Ann Cloud (Nez Perce) prepared the traditional foods meal. Each delegate was asked to introduce themselves, as it was important to know for whom they were preparing the meal.
  • EldersElders Lee Bourgeau (Nez Perce) and Silas Whitman (Nez Perce) spoke to delegates early in the week. Don Sampson (Umatilla), Executive Director of the Institute for Tribal Government, thanked them and offered gifts.
  • Lee Bourgeau (Nez Perce) shared stories about gathering foods for the meal, including the different kinds of roots that were prepared for the group.
  • During our visit, Josiah Pinkham (Nez Perce), shared stories about the place while TTCC delegates listened.
  • TTCC Delegates visited a scenic outlook to The Seven Devils Mountains, as part of the visit to Nez Perce Tribe's homelands.

Social Time

In between presentations and classroom work, TTCC delegates, educators, interns and staff had the opportunity for social time.

  • Paige Sprague (Passamaquoddy), William Longfellow (Passamaquoddy), Taiontorake "Max" Oakes (Warm Springs) and Ann Marie Chischilly (Diné) hold hands to form a 'net' and catch 'salmon' during a game for our first evening together.
  • Delegate, educators and staff gathered at the campfire in the evening for social time, and, of course, to roast marshmallows!
  • (Facing, l-r): Chris Caldwell (Menominee), Larry Campbell, Kyle Powys Whyte (Potawatomi) and Amelia Marchand (Colville) float on Lake Payette. Paige Sprague and William Longfellow (Passamaquoddy), left, joined the on-lake raft of canoes.


The University of Idaho, McCall Field Campus is located on the shores of Payette Lake, nestled among very old Ponderosa Pines.

  • Kathie Dello, TTCC Educator and Associate Director of Oregon Climate Change Research Institute addresses TTCC delegates. Delegates are seated facing the fire pit and Payette Lake at McCall Outdoor Science School.
  • TTCC delegates and educators slept in group cabins during our stay.
  • A view of Payette Lake and sunset from the dock.

Group photo as the Wisdom of the Elders Film Interns depart (l-r): Larry Campbell, educator with Widsom of the Elders; Don Sampson (Umatilla), ATNI; Gustavo Bisbal, NW CSC and USGS; Kyle Powys Whyte (Potawatomi) Michigan State Univ; Rose Highbear (Deg Hit'an Dine or Alaskan Athabaskan) Wisdom of the Elders; Meadow Wheaton (Nez Perce), Film Intern, Devin Bruno (Wasco), Film Intern; Ericha Casey (Warm Springs), Film Intern; Tiyana Casey (Warm Springs), Climate Action Intern, Wisdom of the Elders; Jerry Pardilla (Penobscot) USET; Terry [need more info]; Steve Daley-Laursen, NW CSC; Peggy Harris, ATNI; Arwen Bird, Woven Strategies.