How To Turn Off Auto Climate Control

How To Turn Off Auto Climate Control

Auto climate control is a feature found in many modern vehicles that helps to keep the interior temperature of the car comfortable. It works by automatically adjusting the temperature of the car’s heating and air conditioning system to maintain a specific temperature setting. Although this feature can be extremely convenient for drivers, it can also be a drain on fuel efficiency. Luckily, turning off auto climate control is relatively simple.

Step 1: Locate the Climate Control Panel

The first step is to locate the climate control panel. This is generally located near the radio on the dashboard. It may also be located on the center console.

Step 2: Turn Off the Auto Climate Control

Once you’ve found the climate control panel, you’ll need to turn off the auto climate control feature. This is typically done by pressing a button labeled “Auto” or “Auto Climate Control”. If the button is not labeled, it may be a toggle switch. You’ll need to switch it from the “On” position to the “Off” position.

Step 3: Adjust the Temperature Manually

Once the auto climate control is turned off, you’ll need to manually adjust the temperature. This is typically done with the temperature knob on the climate control panel. You can adjust the temperature up for hotter air, or down for cooler air.

Step 4: Adjust the Fan Setting

The fan setting also needs to be adjusted manually. This is usually done with the fan speed knob. You can adjust the fan speed up for more air flow, or down for less air flow.


Turning off auto climate control is a relatively simple process. By following these steps, you can easily save fuel and increase the comfort of your car’s interior.